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Riga is all full up with restaurants, bars, museums, libraries and other temptations for body and mind. Rigans ain't vegans and the best way to motivate one is to displaya pork chop and a potato or two. The beer ranks amongst the best in Europe.


We live in Mezaparks ( Forest Park ) and have a large forest, a lake and a park within easy strolling distance.

Mezaparks is historic and was Europe's first Garden City. Many of the numerous Art Noveau, Deco and wooden houses are protected. It's possible to see the grand sweep of history in every building here and Ric does a ( free ) tour around the area if you are interested in either history, architecture, the new wealthy or bonding with the dog.

We have bike paths and trams to the city and the forest, a boat trip to Riga.
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