Where We Are


Not to be confused with the Balkan States, where bad things once happened, the three Baltic States are squeezed between Finland and Poland. The Scandahooligans are over the Baltic Sea in the west and Russian is on the other side. Roads are good, the telephones work and the natives don't practice cannibalism. Bears are banned in municipal areas.


Latvia should not be confused with Lapland. Ours is a reindeer free zone!
We joined the both the EU and NATO some time back. And the Euro is our national currency. The map of Latvia looks remarkably like the map of Australia but any similarity stops there. However, we do live within a few hundred meters of some Kangeroos in The Riga Zoo.

Latvia is populated with 2.2 million tribal types. Latvian had colonies in Trinidad and Tobago in the good old days. No kidding! Latvians love to dance and sing. Every 5 years we all dress in drag and do it together - one huge week long festival. See a YouTube video here

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