Mezaparks continued

Althought Latvia is 'topographically challenged', more and more people are coming here to do winter cross country skiing, and snowboarding.

Ski tracks are located in almost every municipality and tend to well-appointed and illuminated. The majority of the ski tracks in Latvia are well-equipped with modern ski lifts, as well as provide skiing opportunitiesfor children and beginners. Hiring of equipment and the availability of experienced instructors complements the availability of dressing rooms amd cafés.

The Zoo is only a few minutes walk from Homestay and is the largest in Northern Europe and houses wolves and bears and about 3 % of the remaining Siberian Tigers still on the planet.It is the perfect place, especially in summer, for picnics and unhurried strolls, visiting the animals. In the winter months the zoo is open on certain days so visitors can acquaintthemselves with the winter animals and birds - snowy owls, arctic foxes and even nocturnal wildlife.
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