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Many first time visitors come leave Latvia smug in the knowledge that they have discovered something rather unique. Riga was the third largest city of the Imperial Russian Empire just one hundred years ago. Plenty of the old town exists today and you will not get bored with Riga in one week. We are an easy 20 minutes tram ride to the center of the city where there are quaint cobbled steets and a medieval atmosphere that fits comfortably with a modern day trading capital. Outside the centre are nearly 700 Art Nouveau buildings in all stages of repair. We can suggest a guided tours by an old German speaking fanatic that actually knows every building first hand. Tell him to keep it snappy and it still takes 4 hours!

We have a Grand Opera House where Richard Wagner roamed around looking for his ring. For those requiring less culture there are more than sufficient restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and internet shops to satisfy any personal addiction. Five years ago Rigans went to Stockholm to shop. Today the canny Swedes come here. Designer label clothes are - apparently - about half western prices. (see rigainyourpocket.com for more information )
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