Many guests explore the country by bus. The country is small, the buses are comfortable and the rural burghers sufficiently linguistic to help the way. We normally direct people to SIGULDA ( a medieval castle with attachments) where there is also a bobsled track where one can rent a terrifying experience ( with driver ). We also have some downhill ski facilities. This is not the Alps but it's cheap and cheerful and a good way to teach beginners at a very decent price. Cross country ski starting outside our front door and keeps going all day for most of the winter.The key man that did the winter palace in St. Petersburg ( not Florida ) also did one for us and it really is worth the days drive to RUNDALE to see how the Dukes of yore once lived.

Beaches are practically deserted and all waterfront is owned by the state. Choose you own stretch, light a fire, run amok in the woods and look for amber (only small bits are left). If you hate salt water - choose a lake. Local arts and crafts and a touch of nostalgia are available at the OPEN AIR MUSEUM. You are going to be living in a modern log hut at HOMESTAY so go and see what it was really like for the ancients. Dozens of old wooden structures have been faithfully preserved.
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