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Ice Hockey is the national sport. Many Latvian males have dueling scars from eating fast travelling pucks. We have more than enough beaches, forests, lakes and parks within strolling distance to keep anybody happy with the simple things. However, there are lots of less simple things to do in Sin City.


The city, 800 years old, with about a million population is the largest in the Baltic States. It was a Hanseatic league city and became rich on trade. Forever a City State, the Rigans are the Romans of the Baltics. Variously occupied by Germans, Swedes and Russians, Riga has a complicated history.

The old town is an architectural mixture of the quaint and the grand. Baroque, eclectic and romanesque. Outside the walls are thousands of Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) andBauhaus (Art Deco) houses - See a YouTube video here

There is also a treasure trove of old wooden buildings. See a YouTube video here Riga is a port and once supplied huge quantities of ships spars to the Royal Navy.

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